The purpose of this website is personal. I present some of my pictures and paintings to friends, family, aquiantances, and everyone interested. There is no other genuine representation of me and/or my work on the internet. Hence anything you may find there, is fake.

All pictures on this website are copyrighted. Editing, reproduction, publication and other use without written consent is prohibited.

I am not interested in your data. Therefore this website does not gather or analyze usage telemetry or other data. Not even page hits are counted. This website does not use external services or cookies, and works well without JavaScript. The way technology is designed today mandates that lots of data, which potentially allows to identify, track, and profile you, is sent to the web server. This includes the IP and MAC address of your device (»the phone number of your computer«), but also data that your web browser sends unsolicted (e.g. browser version, operating system, installed fonts, etc.). This data is stored temporarliy in the servers working memory (RAM) during processing the web-site request (for about 1 second). I can not prevent this. Furthermore, I do not know, nor can I control, what your internet provider, my web hosting provider and/or any hops in between are doing with this data. To limit the amount of information you give away, I suggest the use of a more privacy sensible browser like Brave, TOR or JonDoBrowser and that you deactivate cookies, JavaScript, and WebGL/canvas, WebRTC, Video/Mic, Location access, and similar features of your web browser.